5 Star Cooking

My escorts in Derby companion is the best cook in the entire world! She always has a new dish that she is making for me to try. Two days ago, she cooked beef stroganoff for me and it tasted better then the restaurant that I usually order it at.

She came over at about two o’clock that day and she showed me step by step how to cook it. This way if I am craving it, I would be able to make it all by myself!

I was shocked to see that it does not take many ingredients to make the meal. All I needed was some round steak, French onion soup, sour cream, egg noodles, a small can of mushrooms and some delicious cornbread as a side dish.

It is time consuming to make, it probably took about three hours to make between frying the steak strips and letting it simmer. I give her another five stars for her great cooking!